The Mighty Muskrats

Who are The Mighty Muskrats?


Tino may be best known for playing for The Negatives and Mysterious Footsteps, but that was last century. This century Tino has played for One Fat Spider, Bonnie MAC Blues Band, and, of course, Old's Cool. He also recorded with Ulterior Motives for Nick Toczek.


Greg played bass with Cannibal Feast who supported Sex Gang Children in Leeds in 1982. He played bass with Tasmin Archer. when they rehearsed together in Bradford. He also played with Full Tilt from 1987 to 1990.


Rowena has been in and around the music scene all her life, starting out singing with her twin sister, Rachel. She has been on tour with many bands, selling merchandise. The Mighty Muskrats is her first venture into singing with a band, and she loves it!


Tony has been playing guitar and bass most of his life. In the early eighties he played with Coup de Grace, and more recently with Henry's Radio. Tony also rehearsed (as did Greg) with Tasmin Archer. He is also a bit of a genius when it comes to fixing stuff.


Ian may be best known as the singer in The Scene. He also sang with The Lonely Hearts, The Doctors of Love, TNT, The Harding Boys, The Muskrats, The Gathering, The Men from the Mountains and Johnny Seven.