The Mighty Muskrats

Meet the Band


Name? Greg (Baby Turks)

Instrument played? Bass

Colour of your eyes? Green

What’s your favourite food? Quiche and chips

What’s your favourite Mighty Muskrats song? I Don’t Believe It

What’s your favourite band/singer of all time? That’s a hard one… By era, The Clash, The Jam, Gun, Muse

What’s your favourite song of all time? The Night Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Only because I couldn’t chose between ‘Hey Girl’ or ‘Love is not real’…

What’s your favourite album of all time? Another hard one…. Gun – Taking on the World /Swagger

What’s your favourite movie? Elf.. easy..! Isn’t it everyones?

What’s your favourite place to go on holiday? Robin Hoods Bay camping

If you could, how would you change the world? Ban single use plastics

Who or what inspires you? Those that can and do…

What’s your favourite book and author? Mark Beaumont – The man who cycled the world

What’s your favourite candy? I’m savoury not sweet but I’m partial to a sticky toffee pudding now and then (or is this a euphemism?)

What’s the best thing about being in a band? Fame and fortune

What’s the worst thing about being in a band? Limited amounts of the above

What equipment do you use? Icenie Zoot Chaser and Squire Jazz bass. Genz Benz 300w amp head and Trace Elliot 4 x 10 cab

If you weren’t in The Mighty Muskrats, what would you do for fun? Get out on my bike or walk the dog

What makes this world special? Yorkshire and it’s amazing people

What do you most like about being in The Mighty Muskrats? No egos

What do you do for relaxation? Trawl music on YouTube for hours on end… and play bass of course